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Handle hyperlinks in SwiftUI

If you have a SwiftUI application and you present text with a URL, have you notices how the URL is being opened by Safari and not an in-app browser, and want to change that?

LabeledContent in SwiftUI

As developers, we often need to display a value alongside a label, and manually arranging this can be difficult. But `LabeledContent`, a powerful and versatile view that

How to monitor network in SwiftUI

Network monitoring is crucial for maintaining robust and reliable applications. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to implement network monitoring in Swift using App

SwiftUI ViewModifiers

SwiftUI ViewModifiers are a powerful tool for customizing and enhancing views in your app. They allow you to encapsulate common view modifications into reusable, composable uni

Implementing Sign in with Apple

**Sign in with Apple** is a user-friendly authentication method that allows users to sign in to apps and websites using their Apple ID. In this blog post, we'll

Pull-to-Refresh in SwiftUI

Pull-to-refresh is a common UI pattern in iOS apps. It allows users to refresh the content of a view by pulling down on it. In this post, we will learn how to implement pull-to-refre


In the ever-evolving world of SwiftUI, creating a seamless user experience involves handling empty states gracefully. Whether it's due to networking failures or empty

SwiftUI property wrappers

Let's dive into the fascinating world of SwiftUI property wrappers.

These powerful constructs allow you to manage data, state, and environment information in your Sw

Swipe actions in Swift

The issue:

Gestures, delegates, it can be a big struggle (especially for beginners).

If you use a lot of gestures then you’ll need to implement it over and over.
One of the problems is,

Safari in SwiftUI

You started playing around with SwiftUI, and you want to present a Safari(WebView), you search in the documentation, and..., SwiftUI has no native way to display a WebView!

To use Safari (SFSaf

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