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SwiftUI property wrappers

Let's dive into the fascinating world of SwiftUI property wrappers.

These powerful constructs allow you to manage data, state, and environment information in your Sw

Xcode shortcuts

Mastering Xcode: Boost Your Productivity with Essential Shortcuts

As developers, we're always on the quest for efficiency. Whether you're a seasoned Xcode user or just starting out,

Implementing Admob in SwiftUI

Recently i was working on a that required me to implement Admob in a SwiftUI app.

I encountered some issues while implementing Admob

OTP Code Generation with CryptoKit: A Swift Approach


In the realm of secure authentication, One-Time Passwords (OTPs) play a crucial role. Whether it's two-factor authenticat

Snippet: @EnvironmentVariable

If you are creating commandline apps you sometimes need to acces the operating system environment variables, while you can use getenv(name) it can co

New Website

New Website!

Welcome to the new website! We hope you like it.
We've been working hard to make it as easy to use as possible.
If you have any feedback, please let me know.

New Features

  • New d

Observable Geocoder

Firstly we want to import CoreLocation for the location services.

We're going to construct a basic class, which subclasses ObservableObject.

class Geocoder: ObservableOb

Easy Publishers

Ever wondered how to create a simple publisher?

In this blog i'll try to show you the basics

Firstly we need to import the required frameworks

// Used for the ObservableObject

Swipe actions in Swift

The issue:

Gestures, delegates, it can be a big struggle (especially for beginners).

If you use a lot of gestures then you’ll need to implement it over and over.
One of the problems is,

Safari in SwiftUI

You started playing around with SwiftUI, and you want to present a Safari(WebView), you search in the documentation, and..., SwiftUI has no native way to display a WebView!

To use Safari (SFSaf